A Family Filled Weekend

This weekend was one of my favorite kinds of weekends. It was one that was jam-packed with family fun! I feel really blessed that I look so forward to these weekends-the fact that I have a family who I enjoy being with so much, and look SO forward to spending a weekend with is such a gift. This weekend, I soaked that gift right up! The actual activities were not necessarily significant in themselves-weekly wine taste test with cheese appetizers, car shopping (my Volkswagen Beetle may be near retirement)…but Sunday we had the opportunity to all come together as a family with our Grandma-back from a two week vacation-and BBQ, talk about important issues, and catch up on one another’s lives. If there is one value that has been instilled in Shannon and me throughout our lives, it’s the importance of family, and the loyalty and compassion that is so crucial to these relationships. No matter what we go through-arguments, disagreements…whatever, family is the one consistency we can rely on. And that’s a value I cherish, and why I look so forward to these family filled weekends!


Mom has always been so great at creating lovely seasonal centerpeices for family dinners!


Three generations of women around the dinner table this weekend!

IMG_3830Added bonus! I got to wear this fab bowtie necklace from Wild Butterfly Boutique…such a simple, classic piece that I just love!

Shannon and TJ also had a perfectly relaxing weekend. They spent Saturday morning whipping up these delicious skinny chocolate chip banana pancakes. Recipe complements of Skinnytaste!


These pancakes gave them just the fuel they needed for their #ibirun 5 miler through Yorba Linda Regional Park…don’t forget about our fitness challenge-five miles a week! And document it by hashtagging #ibirun !


After that, they enjoyed a fabulous date night at one of their favorites, Gabbis Mexican Kitchen in downtown Orange. Patron silver on the rocks and homemade tortillas…doesn’t get much better than that!


We hope you all had an equally amazing weekend that makes you feel ready for another week! Thanks bunches for reading! Xoxo


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    You are so right-on !!!! Family makes fab weekends really sweet !!!! Throw in some special goodies to munch on and it gets even better !!!

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