Chic Football Party Essentials

When football season arrives I’m always torn. How much do I condone the incessant jingle of the Sunday Night football game? Or the THREE different FANTASY FOOTBALL leagues (I liken this grown man’s activity to little girl’s playing house)  the hubby is apart of?? It’s true… Thursday through Monday football dominates the evening networks! Well true confession time… I secretly do love football! Maybe it’s because I grew up watching, and rooting, for the Chicago Bears with my dad (which often meant disappointment if you know anything about the Bear’s track record). Or, maybe it’s because there is an element of camaraderie around football… having friends over to root for your favorite team? Whatever the reason, I welcome the season… even get a little giddy when it arrives! And, let’s be honest… I love to socialize… and if football is another avenue to do so, then I’m all for it! So, I’ve put together my essentials for a “chic” football get-together! Who will you be rooting for this season? football party

Beer Tender | Beer Mugs | Serving Tray | Tiny Plates Cookbook | Football Stadium Centerpiece | Chili Bowls | Themed Plates | Koozie | Coasters | Straws | Folding Chair | Pouf | Sauvignon Blanc | Seasonal Beer


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    GO BEARS !!!!!


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