Essentials for a Home Gym!

When I first started working out, I always wished I owned a treadmill or some other fancy gym equipment-I thought that was the only way to get fit! However, I’ve slowly learned that those things aren’t essential at all. In fact, it’s just as easy-and cheaper- if I just stock the house with some good workout pieces that were versatile enough to cover a wide range of various exercises, target body points, etc. A huge bonus to these pieces is that when you pair them with a traditionally cardiovascular exercise (such as jump squats with a dumbbell), they become even more effective! Here are some of our essentials for a home gym:

home gym


These are all incredibly versatile tools, and can be used to train all body parts as well as increase cardio endurance (I should know-these tools were critical in helping me train for my half marathon)! Also, if you check out our Fitness Page you’ll see various workouts where you can utilize these pieces, and find your own!

Dumbbells | Resistance band | Stability ball | Yoga mat | Jump rope

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