Dos Vinos

Trying new things is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do-new restaurants, hikes, foods, etc. So what happens when you combine my love of exploration and trying new things with wine? Pure fun! So today’s wines are both twists on classic wines, that add a little something special, making them both definitely worth trying this weekend!


The first is the Ferrari Cararno Fume Blanc. The Fume Blanc is  this winery’s signature wine (which is why you’ve probably seen it if you’ve ever been in any wine section in any store). It’s light, with lots of tropical fruit, but the hint of oak adds body and texture. It’s a great light wine for the transition out of summer.

The second, Aduentus Mediterraneo is my favorite new wine-geek find! I tried this on a date and we both fell in love (with the wine)! This Argentinian wine is smooth, fruity, and very easily drinkable whether you’re at a fancy dinner or a casual date! I love the interesting combination of grapes too. Malbecs have always been my favorite, and this blend is perfectly balanced.

Wine can be so pretentious, but when you take that away and have fun with it and explore, it’s a great way to learn and taste!