BBQ Essentials!

I went to the Brad Paisely concert last weekend, and he was just as amazing as I anticipated. His voice, guitar, the lighting…everything! But it was something that he said in between songs that resonated with me. It was his last concert of the summer and as he was telling all his adoring fans (myself included) how much he’s enjoyed it, he stopped and reflected, “but summer is a state of mind, regardless of what the calendar says.” I love that! So, as the summer [technically] draws to a close, we welcome Labor Day with a BBQ-after all, what’s more summer than BBQ’s!? With this in mind, we decided to create a list of a few essentials for a fantastically chic and indulgent BBQ, that can be used year round!

bbq essentials

I hope you are savoring every last moment of your summer! I know we are!

Tray | Table Runner | Coasters | Napkins | Plates | Wine glasses | Wine | Straws | Salty Dog recipe | Glasses

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