Deliciously Green

I find that sometimes I often get myself into a food rut… you know, when you eat the same things day after day? Sometimes I don’t even realize it’s happening, it’s just that during the week I often find that it is easier to eat the same, healthy things, regularly, than rack my brain and come up with similar alternatives. Yet, one day I was feeling inspired and decided my afternoon snack needed a make-over. I have always loved the idea of green smoothies (Allison posted this one several months ago) but never invested enough time into perfecting my own version. This is the result: a deliciously green, 150 calorie, afternoon indulgence!




green smoothie

Enjoy your deliciously nutritious indulgence!


  1. yum. looks delish – I usually add some chia seeds & protein powder to mine also 🙂

    The Casual Classic