Dos Vinos

I’m passionate about a lot of things…and one of those greatest passions is wine. Since I turned 21 my parents took me wine tasting, and I absolutely fell in love with it. There’s something about the community that seemingly automatically occurs in a tasting room or at a vineyard that is so endearing. Who can be in a bad mood when tasting wine?! It’s definitely an itsybitsyindulgence of mine, and it’s something that I love sharing with friends and family…including all our readers! So I’ll be sharing a couple wines that I find particularly enjoyable, and I hope you do too. This will be a reoccurring topic, so I hope you enjoy!


This label took a bit of a beating in our wine cabinet, but that doesn’t change its delicious tastiness!

The first is a Byron Santa Barbara County Chardonnay…This is a lighter chardonnay (not oaky or buttery) and has nice light crisp, citrus flavors. It isn’t quite as light and acidic as a Sauvingnon Blanc, so it’s a great balance of lightness and depth. You can find this at places like Total Wine and Vons/Pavillions for around $13.


The second wine I really enjoy is this Valley of the Moon Zinfandel. My best friend Wendy actually brought this over a few weeks ago for a girl’s night, and I’m so glad she discovered and introduced this to me! Like a traditional Zinfandel, it’s warm, jammy, and fruity without having so much of that tannic taste (that feeling you get when the wine dries out your mouth or coats your teeth).  You can find it at various stores, ranging in price from $7-16. I strongly recommend Trader Joes where it is regularly priced at $7-8!

Whether you’re a red person, a white person, or both, I hope you find one or both of these to your liking!