Las Vegas (and Anywhere Else) Workout


Las Vegas might be my favorite city in America (except for any and all cities in Hawaii). There is literally something for everyone! Shannon and TJ and I recently got together and were perusing through old pictures of the three of us (the Three Best Friends, we’ve nicknamed ourselves), and came across our most recent trip to Las Vegas. It was probably my favorite Vegas trip I have ever taken for so many reasons. The first night we were there we spent some time at the casino, indulged in a delicious dinner at the Aria, and enjoyed a glass of Champagne at the Chandelier Bar in The Cosmopolitan. The morning after required some exercise in order to justify that night (and the following night’s!) indulgences, so we hit the gym! Much to our disappointment, the gym was small, and it came with a hefty one day price tag, which it did not warrant.

Now what? Go for a run on the strip?….yeah right. If you’ve ever only seen a picture of the strip you know that’s just downright impossible. So we got creative and created a circuit workout that we could do in our hotel room, using just our body weight and a chair. Modeling it after a simple high intensity interval training concept (HIIT), we found ourselves nice and sweaty by the end of it. Ready to hit the strip guilt free! Moral of the story: if you have about 20 feet of space and a chair, you can get a great workout in with this SIMPLE circuit workout.


Repeat each circuit 3 times and you’re done!

** Muscle ups: Start in forearm plank, walk up to push up position, then back down to forearm plank. Repeat.

**Pistol Squats: Put a chair behind you and squat with one leg (keeping the other leg off the ground) until your butt hits the seat (don’t rest here though!), push back up and repeat.

**V ups: lay flat on your back with arms and legs extended. Fold your body in half, lifting torso and legs at the same time fingers touching toes.