Summer Hike in Pasadena

No matter how old you get, there are just some things that you look forward to come summertime. Sure, it’s not necessarily slip n slides, water balloons, and water guns anymore (for most of us!), but for me, it’s the chance to enjoy the warm weather and make time for family gatherings. Last weekend the weather was sunny and bright, and it just seemed to make sense to go for a long hike. So we packed our water and snacks and ventured 40 minutes north to Pasadena for the Santa Anita Trailhead.


It was quite a different hike than we anticipated from start to finish. We had to make some modifications along the way, but what we ended up with were endless switchbacks on the sunny, shadeless side of the mountain, babbling creeks, poison ivy on either side of us at any given time, and even a King Snake or two! (totally harmless, though).



The end was the hardest part too! With .6 of a mile of straight incline with already tired legs, we felt celebrations were definitely in order.


We rewarded ourselves with mimosas and/or beer afterwards at La Grand Orange in Pasadena, and also indulged in some delicious fish tacos. As challenging as this Saturday was, it was pretty perfectly spent, enjoying sun, exercise, adventure, and, most of all, family!




  1. Terri says:

    What a great day you all had. You should be proud of yourselves!! You deserved your reward!