San Diego Day of Fitness #2


As we mentioned last week, our day of fitness in San diego a few weeks ago was nothing short of amazing. We had the opportunity to meet some pretty fantastic people and trainers who are doing great things for people’s health and wellness all over San Diego. One of those people is Trish, with fitwithtrish.com. She led us through a grueling morning bootcamp overlooking the ocean. The workout incorporated weights and strength training as well as cardio bursts, following a high intensity interval training pattern. She’s motivating, dedicated, and definitely knows her stuff! Here’s a little more about this kick-butt woman:



What drove you to become certified as a fitness and nutrition coach?

When I was a junior in high school, my mom became a spin instructor for a local spin studio.  She took me to one of her classes, and I was hooked! I knew that I wanted to be up on that stage, motivating others to higher levels of fitness. After 7 months of studying exercise physiology and shadowing many classes, I became a spin instructor! I started teaching at the same LA studio as my mom and was the youngest spin instructor there 🙂

What was the process?

The process was not as complicated as many people believe.  Today, there are many options available to become and personal trainer, group fitness, or spin instructor.  No matter what the program is that you decide to study, I found that the best way to truly learn is from others. Don’t be afraid to ask the trainer whom you love to be your mentor.  Its all about getting comfortable with your audience and bringing energy to their lives.  

It took me about 6-7 months before I felt educated and comfortable enough to teach my first class. I also encouraged clients to give me feedback, both positive and negative, so I could learn from both.  What I learned the most from those experiences is that clients do not care if you make a mistake or say something wrong, I still have this happen all the time (especially at 5:30am) but I usually make a joke about it and we all laugh it off.  What they crave is your energy motivation and spirit.  It drives their work-out and is what they remember the most.  
What is your suggestion to someone wanting to become certified?

Find a mentor in fitness industry, a trainer you admire whom has had lots of experience.  Have them guide you through your studies and learn from all their successes as well as mistakes.  Always keep reading new books and articles.

What is your number one fitness tip to readers? 

Make fitness fun! Their are endless ways to sweat, so find the one that works best for you and keeps you moving throughout the rest of you life.  Work-outs should never be “work”, so make sure you find your fitness passion and embrace it!

What is your number one nutrition tip?

If you can’t read it, don’t eat it!  I really emphasis my clients to look at the nutrition in food instead of the calories. Often I see too many people put emphasis on a “calorie counting” diet instead of nutrient rich diet.  There are many foods today that are low calorie, yet they have artificial, unnatural ingredients in them that have no nutritional value.  Your body converts calories to energy, so try and stay away from empty calories that your body can not convert to energy.  By adding the right carbs, proteins and fats into your diet, you will see a difference in your body structure and feel energized in your day to day activities  To help make this a bit easier, when walking into a grocery store, try and stay away from the middle isles, since the least processed foods (like produce, free range meat and wild fish, and whole grains from the bakery department) tend to be on the outer edges of the store. 

What is your “can’t live without” Itsybitsyindulgence?

I would definitely have to say coffee.  I absolutely love coffee, the taste, the smell, the warmth it brings into my body, I love it all! I would have to say red wine comes very close in 2nd as well!  Start the day off with coffee and end it with wine 🙂

How do you balance “itsybitsyindulgences” in your life?

Its all about proportions.  There are days when I am craving something sweet or something salty, and I allow myself to enjoy a small bit of it without feeling guilty.  Each week, I always give myself 1 cheat day to enjoy something I usually would not eat in my typical diet and usually use it as a celebration for my hard work throughout the week. 

Trish’s bootcamp was the perfect way to wake us up and start our day-her positive energy was contagious… and we needed it for the day we had ahead! To find out more about Trish’s services, check out her website at fitwithtrish.com


Stay tuned next week for our next featured fitness activity!