Summertime, Guilt-free Popsicles!

In my opinion, popsicles are the quintessential summertime sweet treat-they’re cold, sweet, and easy to eat at the beach, by the pool, or inside cooling off. However, when I went to the stores to fill my freezer with them, I was surprised at how much went into the simple little sticks! What I found was all sorts of added sugars and artificial flavors and colors-many of which I couldn’t even pronounce! A bit disappointed, but still determined to incorporate popsicles into my summer diet, I altered my search-I found an AMAZING popsicle maker at Sur La Table.


The Zoku Popsicle Maker is my newest toy! All you do is freeze the thing for 24 hours, then pour the juice in it, and in 7-10 minutes you have yourself a popsicle! Here’s what I used:

3/4 cup of fresh, 100% organic orange juice (straight from the oranges-not oj from concentrate!)

Diced up strawberries for bonus sweetness/healthiness.




Voila! They came out just as sweet as the store-bought popsicles, and they only have 35-40 calories per popsicle! Not to mention the vitamin C and other good stuff that comes from fruits. Using my own popsicle maker, I am now able to indulge in this famous summertime treat guilt free!


{Zoku Quick Pop Maker can be found here at Sur la Table}

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