Wine Night


It’s summer, and that means that temperatures are getting hotter, days are getting longer, and, if you’re a member of our family, work is rewarded  just a bit more generously. With all of these things in mind, Shannon and I decided to have a wine night, and taste a few different varieties to see which we liked best. White wines are perfect for summer days/nights because they are typically chilled, and are crisper and lighter than reds, making them perfect for the hotter weather!



Of course with wine we needed appetizers to fill the bellies and cleanse the pallet! We put out some almonds, dried fruit (like apricots and figs-my newfound favorite!), apples, and grapes. And no wine night would be complete without cheese! Whole Foods has some pretty out-of-this-world truffle gouda cheese which is worth the financial indulgence every once in a while!

IMG_5050 IMG_5144

Some quick tasting notes on our picks:

Peju 2012 Sauvignon Blanc: This is a very light, very crisp wine that is fruity on the nose, and has a really clean taste. It’s a perfect wine to drink during the day by the pool or sitting out on the patio for happy hour.

La Crema 2012 Pinot Gris: Sort of the middle child of the three wines, it’s not as light as the sauv. blanc, has a bit more depth to it, is a little less fruity, but is still light and refreshing.

Cambria 2011 Chardonnay: My personal favorite of the three, this chardonnay is buttery, and not overly oaky like some big chardonnays. It had some big flavor and was the least fruity/sweet of the three.


Wine nights are a fabulous way to get together, have fun, AND find out what kinds of wines you like! Plus, wines are completely uni-sex…Shannon’s hubby was very involved with ours! And of course, they can easily be modified to any budget-no wine snobs here! Cheers!


  1. Terri says:

    Great appetizers. So light and yummy. Love the wine also!!