Be Happy #3

Ever heard of the expression “fake it till you make it?” I’m sure just about everyone has. It sounds silly, and, on the surface, it doesn’t seem like there’s much substance to the cliche. There’s a technical term for it, and it’s called “acting as if.” And there’s a reason it has a name: it works. I, like every single other person, have found myself dwelling in a low, unproductive spot, and felt like something really significant would have to change in order to lift my mood. But sometimes, all that needs to change is our effort! Not to say that when we’re feeling down it’s because we simply aren’t putting enough effort into being happy, but I have found that the expression “fake it till you make it” definitely has some validity! Even just smiling or “fake laughing” can literally trick your brain into thinking that you actually are feeling great, so it releases those “feel good” hormones (i.e. endorphins) so that you really do feel happy!


The three of us in Yosemite- the hike to get here was NOT fun, but when we told ourselves that we were having fun and that, once we got to this point it was going to be one of the best experiences of our lives, we began enjoying ourselves and the quality time we were getting to spend together as a family.


I love skiing, but minutes before this picture was taken, my knees were in pain, and I wanted to give up. But you wouldn’t know it looking at this picture! It sounds ridiculous, but posing for this picture literally tricked my mind and body into thinking that I was having the time of my life! My knees still hurt, but I was a much more pleasant person on the slopes for the rest of the day!

In my own life, I have had days where I have felt like I shouldn’t even be allowed to socialize with people because I’m in THAT bad of a mood…but somehow when I get to work I tell myself to just fake it till I make it-act happy and upbeat like I normally am. And it’s like magic-I somehow leave having accomplished faking it till I’ve made it. In other words, my efforts to keep my energy up and be happy, even if it’s not genuine, have actually sustained, and now here I am, two hours later, genuinely happy! Studies have even shown the effectiveness of the simple, cliche mantra, and I’m sticking to it! So when you’re feeling down, just try to fake it till you make it-you’ll be amazed!


  1. Terri says:

    Great advice!!

  2. Annette Roberts says:

    Dale Carnegie (author of motivational speaking materials, etc.) had a byline that read “ACT enthusiastic and you’ll BE enthusiastic….”

  3. Valine says:

    I always tell my clients “fake it till you make it”!! I need to show them this post! 🙂