Pear + Prosciutto Appetizers



The other weekend Allison and I decided to have a wine tasting party (check back next week for that post!). We decided that we wanted to make tasty appetizers to accompany our deliciously smooth white wine varietals. With that task at hand, I decided to check out Pinterest for some inspiration! I saw a lot of appetizers calling for apples and pancetta and one with pears and pancetta, but for me, pancetta is a little too heavy. So I opted for pears with prosciutto. The pears are perfectly crisp and mildly sweet, while the prosciutto adds a hint of smokiness, making for a perfect balance. Oh… and the goat cheese adds a very necessary creaminess! I justify these tiny morsels in two ways: they are just that, tiny morsels, but also, they have three main food categories (dairy, protein, and fruit)! If you ever need help in justifying small indulgences, just ask me! I consider myself gifted in that area.

pp appetizer


All these ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joe’s… another one stop shop dish!







I hope you enjoy these tiny little morsels as much as we did! Just an FYI… they were kind of like potato chips… you couldn’t have just one!