Summertime Kabobs



Summertime evokes a sense of celebration… time to be outside bar-b-queing with friends and family, longer evenings spent on patios sipping wine and enjoying the warm nights, and amazing food! We were lucky enough to spend the past week in Hawaii and spent our fair share of time at the hotel bar-b-ques. I couldn’t stop devouring the pineapple all week and thought that it would be delish grilled! So, we put together a complete meal (I mean, you can’t really survive on just pineapple) of chicken kabobs. I almost feel as if these are a quintessential summer bar-b-que recipe… AND they are so simple. For our’s we decided to use chicken marinated in pineapple juice and some Lawry’s seasoning salt, combined with some bell peppers and pineapple.



After we chopped up all the pieces and skewered them (make sure you soak the skewer sticks in water for about 24 hours before hand… this will prevent the sticks from splitting on the grill) they were ready for the all mighty grill (manned by the hubby and father)! To prevent the chicken from sticking, we sprayed it with some PAM….


At this point, you may be wondering why the chicken isn’t on the same skewer as the veggies. You can really do it however you’d like, but we figured the chicken and veggies may have different grilling times… so we opted to keep them separate.


The finished product was scrumptious and thoroughly satisfied my craving for grilled pineapple… and left me feeling incredibly fulfilled! Another side bonus? Knowing that I had just eaten a fully nutritious food full of lean proteins and healthy veggies/fruits! Hope you enjoy your summer traditions… and the delish foods that accompany them!