Brussel Sprouts…Mmmm?!

I have never liked brussel sprouts. In fact, I’ve always hated them. They were never ever made in our house because no one liked them. They smelled and tasted essentially like dirt. However, when a good friend of mine recently made them for me, it was as if I was tasting an entirely different vegetable entirely. They were the right texture, flavored perfectly, and extremely satisfying. Not to mention their incredibly high fiber content, massive amounts of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, cancer prevention abilities, vitamin supplies, etc…the list goes on! So I decided to make these cruciferous beauties for my family, with a few tweaks here and there:


You’ll need:

~Brussel sprouts

~2 cloves of garlic

~2 tbsp olive oil

~1/2 cup white wine

~Salt and pepper

Start by cutting the sprouts in quarters. Add the olive oil to a saute pan, over medium heat, and add the brussel sprouts to the pan.

Dice the olive cloves and add to the saute pan. Add a dash of salt and pepper.

When the sprouts start heating up, after about 5-7 minutes and they look like this, turn them over and add the white wine. Cover and let sit.


About 5-7 minutes later remove from heat and serve!

Enjoy your reinvented brussel sprouts and all the health benefits that come with them!

brussel sprouts