I’ve never really thought about the meaning of the word “and” until this past weekend, when we went to a “pick-up” party at our favorite winery/tasting room Sarloos&Sons .


I have always loved what this winery stood for… connections, relationships, and family. Yet, never was this as apparent as this past weekend. I could fill pages talking about the actual “party,” but what truly inspired me was the name of their newest magnum bottle “And.” When you look at the back of the bottle (and we did of course…. we may have bought a few…) and turn it over, the definition is simply stated on the back: together; as well as; along with; in addition to; used to connect. I reflected back on all the family dinners and celebrations (weddings, celebrations of life, birthdays, graduations, etc) over the years and noticed that they all had a common thread… I was amongst those I loved, connecting and building memories, AND enjoying wine. It’s not that wine is what connects us, it’s that wine adds to the festivities. It is sipped, shared, and enjoyed while lively conversation abounds and laughter is shared amongst friends. I guess what I am trying to say (probably in too many words) is that we all need to connect, to find a common thread that intertwines us with others, it is the basis of human nature. For some that may be through music and for others that may be through art. I have some friends whose “AND” is dancing and still other’s whose “AND” is cooking a five course meal with those they love. Whatever your “AND” is use it to enrich those connections you already have! Oh, “AND” don’t forget to have fun!


Thanks for reading!



  1. How fun was that. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful winery.

  2. Well said!

    I was at a wine event the other day and a somm asked me about it. I shared how there were some interesting discoveries in wine, however it was the people I connected with at the event that was the real stand out.

    Saarloos (IMHO) are about as authentic, transparent, and good people as it gets.

  3. Wow. Thank you.
    I cant tell you how good it feels when people understand an respond to a sentiment it just the way it was intended. Most of the time it feels like writing a note on a bottle and throwing it into the sea. Thank you for that gift.
    Thank you for understanding.
    Thank you for reading our note.

    I feel complete.

    The Saarloos’

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