Spanish Paella

paellaI’ve officially been home from our European Adventure for two weeks… and I think I am finally at the end of what I call “vacation sickness.” “Vacation Sickness” is the traveling version of “Home Sickness.” Whenever I return home from a trip, I end up longing and wishing for the culture of the place I just left: the food, the ambiance, the culture, the fashion…. and I’d say it typically lasts about two weeks. In honor of my “vacation sickness,” I decided to make a healthier version of the dish I loved oh so much in Spain: Paella. I scoured the internet for a lighter version of the dish and was delighted when I came across this recipe in SELF magazine. I made some slight changes: I only used shrimp and instead of the recommended spices, I was able to incorporate some of the paella  spices we had purchased from the Boqueria Market in Spain.




When it was all said and done this dish was perfect! It satisfied my craving for the food of Spain, enabled a lively dinner conversation between the hubby and me about our indulgent dinners on vacation, and left me feeling thoroughly satisfied! This dish is a splendidly light alternative to the traditionally rich Paella recipe. I’d recommend it with some refreshing Cava Sangria for the complete Spanish experience!


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  1. Yummy!! I will definitely try this recipe.

  2. Annette Roberts says:

    I too have always loved paella and this lighter version sounds perfect !!!

  3. John Roberts says:

    Now I am really Hungary. Very nice job!

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