Stretch it out…Again

Last week Shannon posted some of her favorite stretches that can be crucial in helping avoid injuries while exercising. If you already have injuries like Shannon and I have experienced, then these stretches should help relieve the pain, and prevent any worsening of the injury. I can’t stress how important it is to stretch after exercise! My trainers always tell me, “your workout is not over until you’ve stretched,” and that’s a motto I’ve learned to live by, especially while training! Here are some of my favorite stretches:


Bend your right knee and raise in the air, crossing your left knee over your right thigh. Fold your hands under you right knee and gently bull your legs into your chest. You should feel this stretch in your glutes and hamstrings. This is great for leg days!


Lunge with left leg forward, right leg straightened all the way back. With the same elbow as the leg in front, try to touch that elbow to the ground, without pushing that knee out too much. Twist your body to the opposite side, and raise the opposite arm in the air. It sounds complicated, but do 5-6 of these and you’ll be feeling loser and ready to work it!


This one is my all time favorite. When I found out I had Plantar Faciitis, my doctors both told me to do this stretch at least twice a day, especially on days when I would be working out. I swear by this stretch! Lean palms against a wall with arms straightened. Split legs in a slight lunge position, making sure that your back heel is completely on the ground. The farther back that back foot is (while the heel is still touching the ground), the greater the stretch. You should really feel this in your calves, which are so important because your calf muscles are connected to and control much of the muscles in the foot. Ergo, tight calves = higher risk for injuries!

Hope these help relieve tension, reduce soreness, and prevent injuries! Stretch it out!

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    Stretch it out…Again