Core Series #4

It’s the last and final core part of our core series, and we hope we’ve given you some new ideas about how to get a slim and trim waistline for the summer! For our final post, I thought I’d include some stability ball exercises, since these are some of the most challenging (and fun!) exercises. Plus, it’s nice to get some variation in the routine!

1. The first is a stability ball rotation. Start with forearms on the ball. With your elbows, move the ball in a clockwise circle, engaging your core to keep you balanced-keep your hips low and still! Do this for 30 seconds. Then stop, and rotate in counter-clockwise motion. You’ll find this is harder than it sounds!


2. Ball Sit-up: having your feet elevated makes sit-ups 100% harder. Put them on top of a stability ball and there’s a formula for success! Start laying down, then engage your core to hoist yourself up to touch your shoe laces. Be sure to keep your shoulder blades off the ground when returning to starting position so there is constant resistance, and your abs are always working.


3. Stability ball pike: Start with shins on the ball, in push up position:


Next, pull your rear into the air, keeping your knees straight, so you end up in a pike position. Then return to starting position:


4. Stability ball bicycle: Lay on the ball on your back, arms down at your side supporting you. Bring one knee into your chest, kicking the other leg out slowly. Be sure to kick your legs straight out, not up. The higher your legs, the less challenging. Try to freeze for two seconds on each leg. Alternate legs.

IMG_3206 IMG_3207

5. The three-stepper: This last one is three steps. Lay on your back on the floor, with the stability ball in-between your legs.


Next, contract abs/bend torso and raise legs to meet in the middle. Grab the ball from between your legs with your arms.

IMG_3221Finally, carry the ball back to starting position, over your head. Keeping feet hovering 6 inches off the ground. This will maintain contraction in your lower abs.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our core series! Keep on workin’ hard and indulging itsy bitsy style and you’ll show that bikini who’s boss! Happy exercising!



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