Core series # 2: Towel Workout

Endless crunches are SO boring. And they aren’t even that effective! If you want to try something totally different and way more effective-all you need is two towels! Check out these moves that will rip up your core without doing a single crunch!

1. Start in a plank position for all of these moves, one foot on one towel. Bring one knee up at a time to the corresponding elbow, alternating just like a mountain climber. Do 15 with each leg.IMG_3192
IMG_3198 IMG_3199

2. Towel pike: start in plank, engage core, and pull feet in to your chest, keeping knees straight. Then slowly return to plank. Repeat 15-20 times.


3. Knees to chest: Similar to the last one, start in plank, engage core, and bring knees to chest up the center. This time, keep knees bent. Hold in the center for 3 seconds, then slide legs back to plank. Repeat 15-20 times.


4. Oblique Crunch: Start in plank, then bring left leg out to your side, touching your left knee to your left elbow, crunching your obliques. Slide leg back to starting position, and repeat on other leg. Repeat 20 times.


5. This last one is killer! Start in plank, then bring knees through the center into your chest, then circle both legs out in a circle, bringing them back into plank. Repeat this motion 10 times, then circle legs in the opposite motion 10 times. 


Hope you’re feeling those abdominal muscles workin hard! I know I was after taking these pictures!



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