Green Super Food #4!

PearsCan you guess what super food we are talking about this week? PEARS! I LOVE pears… so much so that I have given you two ways to incorporate them into an itsy bitsy indulgence life style! Why are they so good for you, besides their amazing taste? Well, first of all they are SUPER high in fiber which is great for preventing digestive problems (just think of all those unpleasant possibilities, no need for me to list them) and they can protect against cancerous colon growths, lower blood cholesterol, and ward against blood sugar spikes! Need another reason to eat pears?? I’ll give you two choices, that way you won’t have any excuses!

Option 1: Peel the pear, slice it in half, and then take one half and cut into slivered pieces. Take one tablespoon of Almond Butter (my personal favorite) and divide it across the pear slices. This is a simple 130 calorie snack!


Option 2: A Pear Bellini… Okay, so you have to balance out the alcohol somehow! This is light and refreshing. I served it at a dinner party we had this past weekend. Take two pears, peel them, cut them into pieces, place in a blender/food processor to puree (it will look like baby food when it is done), divide it among 4-6 champagne flutes, and then top with a BRUT champagne or sparkling wine! Then, enjoy responsibly!



{Did you see the Angel Food Cupcakes?? Those were amazing too!}


Cheers to good friends!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Shannon


  1. Kerry says:

    Just wondering where the recipe for the angle good cupcakes is???? Have not thought of using almond butter w pears. Sounds good!

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