Anniversary Celebration!

This past weekend the hubby and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I honestly can’t believe it has been 3 years already, time has literally flown by. The hubby and I like to make a big deal out of our anniversaries. These celebrations give us a time to celebrate each other and reflect on all that we have been through. So often I work with families and, in the past couples, who come in and are steeped in the negativity of their relationships. This is easy to do and no one is above it. What I like to ask them, and myself when I enter this mind frame, is “When was a time when this wasn’t a problem? What were you doing differently?” or “When were things good? What was different about then than what is happening now?” The responses I often hear involve statements that indicate there was a high level of effort being placed into the relationship and an emphasis on what they appreciated in the other partner. So with that being said, here is how we celebrated our marriage and took time out to focus on each other.





{We headed down to San Diego, where it all started. L’Auberge is one of our favorite hotels in Del Mar, Ca. Whenever we go back to San Diego we are able to reflect on the beginnings of our relationship and laugh at our funny memories. It’s so important to remember the good times!! And also the cheesy romantic stuff we used to do for each other in those beginning stages!}




{We started the day out with mani/pedis and had a mimosa on the pool deck. We couldn’t help indulging in the cheese platter! No regrets here!}


{We buy champagne for all of our celebrations (it’s tradition for us)…. whenever we pop some it also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our champagne tasting tour in Epernay, France.}


{One of our other anniversary traditions is to read our affirmations to one another. This provides us with a reminder of what we committed to one another on that special day. It’s a good chance for reflection and honest conversation. To recommit ourselves to one another. We also share a dance to our first dance song.}

This was an anniversary filled with traditions and new experiences. Both of which provide depth to any relationship. Finding what you love to do as a couple, and then doing it, makes your relationship uniquely yours. We love to travel, drink champagne (not so deep, but hey!), go on runs (which we did the next day… did you not see that cheese platter?!), and enjoy new experiences together. It’s what makes us “Tj and Shannon.” So, reflect on what you like, a time you loved your life, and do more of what you were doing then! It sounds simple, but it really works!

Thanks for reading!!!

<3 Shannon


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