This may sound weird, but I’m proud to be single! I truly admire the relationships I see around me (like Shannon and TJ’s), as they are constant reminders of how crucial it is for no one to settle. That being said, I genuinely cherish the time I am able to take for myself and spend with my family and girl friends. These opportunities are so valuable to me, and I think taking time to be with our friends and connect offers so many valuable benefits:  The opportunity to share your experiences and what’s on your mind with someone you trust and whose opinion you value, the ability to remove yourself from your own problems and worries, and an escape from the routine to be silly, weird, and downright stupid. Some may think that being single means there’s something wrong with you or that you must be constantly searching for a partner. But to me, it’s all about extra time with my girls!

Wendy with her movie theater pretzel mustache

Wendy with her movie theater pretzel mustache

Wendy and I have made it a point to get together at least once a week, and it is guaranteed to be a night jam packed with QUALITY conversation (some would probably call it therapy) and explosive laughter. We’ve expanded these date nights to include anything from seeing a movie, going to happy hour, digging through old pictures/notes we passed to each other in class back in middle/high school, watching reruns of Intervention, taking hideous Photobooth pictures, etc.!


Nikki, Brittany and I (and Brit’s dog/child, Louie) went for a short hike the other day-it was absolutely perfect weather, and we bounced stories off of one another the whole time. Exercise with close friends is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone-spending quality time with our loved ones while burning calories, what is better than that?!

Wine & appetizers

Wine & appetizers

Maddy, Lauren, Wendy and I are rarely all in the same city at the same time since we’re all kind of spread out. However, when we do all manage to get together, we do it right. Last time, we had our wine and cheese party and spent hours catching up, indulging in wine and appetizers.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you do; regardless of cost, time, etc., there is always a way to connect with others, and these opportunities should not be neglected. These are the relationships that don’t necessarily require the same nurturing and attention as romantic relationships, but they still need to be appreciated and honored. So reach out-however you choose to do it! I PROMISE you won’t regret it!


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