Core Series #1

As the Spring/Summer months approach we decided to start a series on core exercises. I mean, who doesn’t want that amazing mid-section for the beach and pool? So, I’ll admit, I over indulged this past weekend. I don’t regret a minute of it, but come Sunday morning it was definitely time to detox. When this happens, I will typically engage in some form of cardio and then, at the end, do a core series. For our first post on core workouts, I’ve included 4 different poses that, when held for one minute each, will have your core burning and your stomach feeling tighter. Just a tip, when doing the core exercises it’s important to keep your core engaged (this typically feels like you are flexing your stomach).


{Hold this first plank for 2 minutes}


{1 minute at modified plank}


{30 second side planks on both sides}


{boat pose…. keep your back straight and your feet bent at a 90 degree angle with your arms extended at your side… hold for 1 minute}

{Outfit details: All from lululemon}

You’re done! Hope your core feels amazing!

<3 Shannon


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