Favorite Facial Products!

Taking care of my skin has always been something that has been a priority. I remember when I started middle school (I thank my lucky stars, daily, that I never have to go back to that time period of awkwardness), my mom taught me the importance of a regular routine for keeping my skin clean (mind you, this was the time of puberty and all those joys that tended to show up on your face around that time….SCARY!). It resonated with me so much that I can honestly say I don’t think an evening has gone by where I haven’t washed my face (in fact, that’s just what I will be doing after I finish this post). I swear! Through sickness, late late (fun) nights in college, and stressful work evenings, I have always completed my facial routine. Despite the fact that our skin changes over time, many of the products that I use today are the same ones I used when I first started! Over the years several people have asked me about my skin care regime, and I believe in taking care of my skin so much that I just had to share with you some of my favorite facial products!
facial products

1. Ponds Cold Cream eye make-up remover

2. Cetaphil facial wash

3. Clean & Clear acne spot treatment (I SWEAR by this product for any friend that decides to pay a visit on my face)

4. Witch Hazel (I use this as a toner and you can find it at any local Target/drug store)

5. St. Ives Apricot exfoliant

6. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

7. Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-on Gel 

So, the routine rolls like this. I remove my eye make-up with the Ponds Cold Cream. I then wash my entire face with the Cetaphil facial wash, dry it off, put Witch Hazel on a cotton swab, and swipe it across my face. Next up is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and the Clean & Clear acne spot treatment.The whole routine takes about 5 minutes tops, and the fresh face feels amazing. I exfoliate three times a week and the smooth glow that follows is divine. My secret weapon is the Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-on Gel…. I SWEAR by this product…. I even catch my hubby sneaking it from time to time!! If you purchase one product, purchase this! It instantly depuffs my eyes, feels refreshing, and leaves a brightness under the eyes to cover up those dark circles (you’d think I’d slept 10 hours the night before). To reiterate: it is my secret weapon!

I highly recommend reading a recent article in Women’s Health Magazine on facial care. It’s hugely informative and may even help you figure out the best facial products for your face. Check it out by clicking here.

You’ll never regret the 5 minutes you spend taking care of your face (you do only get one….)!

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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love Kiehl’s too! So many good products listed here.

    – KW

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