Anxiety Reducer #2

Welcome to part two of the four part series on anxiety reducers! I hope the first one helped (click here if you missed it)…. I know a good workout always helps to relieve my stress!

One of the most important aspects in my life are my friendships. They are such an integral part of my life and something that I feel is so important for women. Strong and healthy female relationships can be such an amazing support system during difficult times. Research has shown that surrounding yourself with those who you enjoy helps you to build a supportive network where you can discuss frustrations, concerns, and worries in a safe and accepting environment. These strong bonds can increase feelings of acceptance (this is why I stress healthy relationships, I often speak with people who talk about feeling rejected in their female relationships), and increase an individual’s resilience to stress and anxiety.

In my life, I have found that a simple phone conversation with my girlfriends can lift my mood and relieve stress. The laughter and connection that I feel makes me know that I am not alone in this sometimes crazy/hectic world! The majority of my friends live in other counties and states so meeting up on a regular basis is often difficult. What I have found most helpful is scheduling a “phone date.” By that I mean, literally, looking at your calendar and finding a time that works for both and scheduling it in! It sounds forced, but you have to make time for those relationships. Also, planning a get together a few weeks in advance can help you look forward to those connections and can often be the bright spot when you are feeling stressed!

This past week I was so blessed to be able to schedule two girl’s nights with two of my oldest friends (one from birth and the other from middle school) and one sister day. It was so nice to be able to meet up together, sip a glass of wine, and chat about what has been going on in our lives. The support I felt when I left the evening, and day, was immense! I had a feeling of being rejuvenated and prepared for whatever was ahead.


{Dinner and wine with one of my dearest friends Brittany. Here we are at South of Nick’s in San Clemente. This is a middle spot for the both of us. She lives in San Diego and I live in North Orange County}


{Dinner with my oldest and one of my most straight forward friends Vanessa. We met at Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen in Old Town Orange. It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter and honesty.}


{Lunch date with my sister, and fellow blogger, at Javier’s Mexican Cantina. I am truly blessed to have a sister who is also my best friend! We can talk about anything together, and this was an absolutely perfect day! BTW…. you’ll be seeing this picture in a post later this week.}

I encourage you to foster those female relationships! It will help to strengthen your feelings of connectedness and resiliency! With those friends who you can’t see so easily, schedule a time, months ahead, where you can have a girl’s weekend, or meet in the middle. I do that with my dear friends who live in other states and it is the best time ever!

Thanks for reading and cheers to friends!

<3 Shannon


  1. Terri says:

    What a beautiful idea. Thank you for the suggestion. Too often we get so busy we forget to take time out for fun with our girlfriends. Thanks for the reminder.


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