Anxiety Reducer #1

 Anxiety and Stress. These are not great words. They conjure up all types of different feelings for me. Think back to a time where you had a lot on your plate…. lots to worry about and not sure how to resolve all those worries. Now, think about how your body felt. I wouldn’t be shocked if your body felt terrible…. your body was likely telling you that it couldn’t handle the stress anymore. A study from the Mayo Clinic found that anxiety/stress can effect your body in the following ways: headache, stomach ache, chest pain, and fatigue.

On top of the physical ailments, they can cause overeating, angry outbursts, and social withdrawal (just to name a few). I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure that’s how I want to feel! So, we are starting a four part series on the top four ways to combat anxiety/stress (It’s probably a good idea to put my disclaimer here: If you are experiencing clinical anxiety, worries beyond the daily stressors (or chronic anxiety), it would be best to contact a therapist to discuss concerns further.). The series will run through the next four weeks! So stay tuned! The first one we will start with is EXERCISE!

 Dozens of studies have been done on the positive effects exercise can have on anxiety (i.e. Mayo Clinic, Harvard Health… just to name a few). In a nut-shell they have found that regular exercise can reduce the body’s stress hormone level and stimulate the production of “feel good chemicals” (i.e. endorphins). Another added benefit, the shrinking waist line, will lead to an increase in confidence and feelings of accomplishment (which lead to better job performance and success in other life tasks). In addition, (as if I need to give another reason) it can increase your sociability level and contact with positive others. 

 So this past weekend the hubby and I set out on a bike ride to enjoy the wonderful weather, time together, and the positive feelings we get when we accomplish what we set our minds to! We set a goal before the ride (we aimed for 30ish miles… we have been working up to this distance for the past year), listened to the way we felt throughout (which is essential to prevent injury), and when we finished, felt a sense of pride and togetherness…. we encouraged each other the whole way and could celebrate the success together. No room for anxiety here!! 



{The helmet is so not fashionable but, safety first! I really wanted to make it to date night that evening!}


{Taking a break and eating our snacks! Must keep the body energized!}


{Outfit details: lululemon/ top, sports bra, jacket (sold out, but similar) Nordstrom: pants (on sale!) shoes (color sold out but similar here)}

So, get out and work out! Push that anxiety out of your body! You’ll feel better on so many different levels!

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~Shannon <3


  1. Terri says:

    What a great way to had fun and exercise to reduce stress and anxiety!!


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