Weekend in Santa Ynez Wine Country

Last Friday afternoon the hubby and I got the travel itch. We get this often and nine times out of ten act on it. Our motto?? YOLO! We weren’t sure where we wanted to go, but knew we didn’t want to drive too far and wanted to be able to relax. We decided to head up to Santa Ynez, which is nestled just east of Santa Barbara. It’s about a 2:45 minute drive from the Orange County area, so it feels just far enough to get away from it all, but close enough that your aren’t drained from traveling. It’s home to some of our absolute favorite wineries and tasting rooms, but still has a small town feel and vibe to it.

The first winery we headed to was Gainey Vineyards…. the grounds are absolutely stunning and we couldn’t resist capturing these shots!




IMG_2914   IMG_2912

Then onto our favorite! SAARLOOS & Sons tasting room. This place has such a great feel to it. It is laid back, unpretentious, and an all around fun place to be. From the decor to the music they play, it is simply the best. The people who work there are friendly, down to earth, and fun to talk with. Another positive about this place (as if it needed anything else) is that you can pair your wine tasting with cupcakes from Enjoy cupcakes. I promise you, there will be no disappointment if you do this!


{The beautiful display of cupcakes!}


{So excited to start my taste and pairing!}

IMG_1940   IMG_2933



{After enjoying our tastes, we each ordered a glass of our favorite wine to enjoy out on the patio! It was a cold day, so the fire pit made it very pleasant and relaxing. I would have to say this was one of my favorite parts of the afternoon!}

IMG_2948   IMG_2970   IMG_2983

{SAARLOOS’s line up of wines is to die for! My favorite is the Grenache Blanc…. which they call the “Hers.” All of their wines have a family meaning to them. The tasting room already has a great ambiance and energy but the family meanings they add make it that much more unique and personable.}


{The SAARLOOS tasting room and Enjoy Cupcakes trailer!}


{If you do make the trip up there, you MUST try the Tri-tip sandwiches that the region is known for! The hubby loves them…. but not as much as the wine!}

When you get the travel itch, grab onto it! You don’t have to go far, and you don’t even have to stay the night! Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from it all. Life is busy and hectic…. we’re pulled in different directions several times a day. For me, it’s a time to reconnect with my hubby and myself. Mentally, it’s rejuvenating! AND exploring new areas, or visiting ones you enjoy, can increase happiness and positivity!


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~ Shannon <3


  1. Kerry says:

    Heading to Gainey on Saturday!



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