Favorite Indulgences

We come to Monday again. It’s always a real struggle for me to get into the Monday mind frame. I am often left with thoughts of fun weekends and the ever hopeful thought, “Is it Friday yet??” So I revert to my tried and true “change your thoughts, change your attitude,” perspective. This week has a lot in store… baby-sitting my adorable little nephew on Wednesday night, a surprise Valentine’s Evening planned by the hubby, and a delicious Greek meal at our favorite little Greek restaurant on Saturday evening. As I thought about my favorite indulgences from the past week, I of course went in the Valentine’s direction, and compiled my favorites in colors of red, white, and pink.


{Red Halston Heritage statement bag to add a pop of color to any outfit… and my two toned nail polish in OPI colors “Comet Loves Cupid” & “Pink-ing of You”}


{One of my favorite red wines is a Drizzle from BYRON winery up in Los Olivos, Ca}


{Statement bracelet from J  Crew and an amazing red lipstick for a night out!}


{Strawberries and raspberries as an afternoon snack…. super foods packed with vitamins and loads of health benefits. Raspberries are jammed packed with fiber and contain cholesterol-lowering agents and Vitamin C. Strawberries provide tons of potassium that can aid in reducing the risks of stroke and promoting healthy blood pressure.}


{I treated myself to one of my favorite flowers: Tulips. Looking at them brightens my mood!}

I hope you enjoy a week of balanced indulging… whether that be  by/for yourself, someone else, or a group of friends!

~Shannon <3