Balanced Living

Balance. It’s an interesting word, and often an even more difficult concept to apply to one’s life. I was inspired to write this post after a session I had with a 13 year old client this evening. In our session we explored ways that she has managed to create balance in her life and the “freedom” this has allowed her to feel. Her exact words were, “I feel free like a bird, like I’ve been released from so much negative stuff.” The remainder of the session was spent exploring and processing ways that she has created this balance in her life. I was amazed that, at such a young age, she was able to organize herself enough to address the balances between school and social obligations, family and alone time, and finding ways to cope with the stress she experiences.

As I left the session it left me pondering how difficult balance is for adults…. yet how easily my 13 year old client was able to understand and live this concept. As adults we go about our days, often stressed, frustrated, or left feeling as though something is “missing,” or “off.” I would contend that what is “missing” or “off” is balance in our life. We often live in extremes, too much work and too little play. Too much eating and too little exercising. Too much stress and too little management of that stress. Too much indulgence and too little restraint. Or vice versa. Point blank, living in extremes creates a dysregulation in ourselves that we feel, either through physical or emotional expression.

So I challenge you to find the balance in your life. If you work a long week, plan a social outing with friends. If you eat that irresistible dessert (and believe me, that’s my hardest) wake up a little earlier to get a good work out. If you feel stressed, engage in positive coping skills (more on how to do this in later posts!). If you indulged too much over the week, utilize some restraint during the week. If you feel too much anger, find something to laugh about. Moderation. Balance. Median. Find them in your life!

This blog is just what that is about! Helping you to enjoy life in a balanced way. Find the itsybitsy indulgences in life and make it balanced!

~Shannon <3


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    great column !!! Sound observations that are pertinent to us all !!!!