Indulgent favorites

Mondays aren’t my favorite. After wonderful weekends, if seems anti-climatic to return to Mondays…. so I typically challenge myself on these not-so-amazing-days, to think about all my fun indulgences of the past weekend.

Not only does it work, but it tends to alter my whole perspective. I use this often and frequently with my clients and myself. I find it works wonders on my bleak Monday outlook. Research shows that how you think, affects how you feel and act. I can choose to think about how potentially slow these next five days will go, and guess where that will leave me? Short, snappy, moody, and quite unpleasant to be around (if I’m being honest). Or, I can choose to think positive… how blessed I am that I have a job that allows me to indulge in my weekends so much! Guess where that gets me?? So, I am choosing indulgent memories and thoughts today. Thoughts of the past weekend and thoughts of planning the next weekend (Oh! And thoughts of a few good meals this week:))!! Pleasant thoughts, pleasant person.

Here are a few of my favorite indulgences from the past weekend! Enjoy, and have indulgent thoughts throughout your day 🙂


{Friday night wine and take-out nights with the hubby! My favorite wine is a Grenache Blanc from a winery in Los Olivos, Ca called Saarloos and Sons}

{My gold bracelets from Anthopologie, JCrew, and Nordstrom}

{A good book to unwind. It kept me turning the pages and made me think about human nature in the end….}

{Beautiful San Diego Bay views from the Marriott Marquis and Marina}

{An amazing stairs workout, at the San Diego Convention Center, after a perfectly indulgent Saturday night}

~Shannon <3


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds like good thinking on your part and mine too, if I am wise enough to follow that way !!!

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