Deliciously Refeuling


We’re so excited that our first post is about something we love and don’t have to feel guilty about-in fact, it’s healthy! No, we’re not kidding.

We’re training for a half marathon (Shannon’s already done 3! I’m a rookie) and went for a 8.5 mile run this morning. Naturally, we needed some protein after expelling such energy, but who wants to eat one of those super sugary/high cal power bars after working so hard? Instead, we opt for the Pure Protein® Drinks. These bad boys only have 1 gram of sugar, 1 gram of fat, and 110 calories-all while packing 23 grams of protein in its chocolatey, vanilla, cookies n’ cream, etc., goodness! There are also versions that contain 15 grams or 35 grams of protein.

There are a few ways to consume these drinks. I like to drink mine straight from the can-plain and simple. However, Shannon likes it fancy so she blends hers with one cup of ice and 1/2 a medium banana for a delicious smoothie (with an added boost of potassium)!

You can get these shakes at Target, Trader Joes, and GNC, just to name a few. If you want more info on the Pure Protein® Drinks and their other products, you can check out their website: http://www.pureprotein.net/category/DRINKS.


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