Weekend Recap

flightsong wine, itsy bitsy indulgences {A yummy charcuterie platter}

I feel as though every Sunday night I end up sitting on the couch and wondering where the heck the weekend went (… and why that never happens with the work week??). After a loooooong week (TJ was gone for three of the evenings) it felt good to be able to reconnect over some wine on Friday evening. My sister and mom graciously offered to watch Harper on Saturday, and work with her on taking a bottle, so TJ and I were able to sneak away for a day-date to Pasadena. We enjoyed relaxing mani/pedis and lunch at a favorite spot… and there was some success with the whole bottle thing, so that was something to celebrate…. of course, with a glass of wine. We enjoyed lazy evenings on the couch, good conversation, and talked about all the fun we anticipate having in Hawaii. While the last few weeks have seemed incredibly long, this one’s a shorty for us. I’m looking forward to fully invoking the “No Agenda” vacation mentality that has always embodied our family vacations… and hope you can find a few moments in the midst of the week to do the same! Disconnect and reconnect… that’s going to be my theme for Hawaii. Have a good one all!

olive and june, itsy bitsy indulgences

olive and june, itsy bitsy indulgences {Olive + June… luxurious mani/pedi experience}

urth cafe, itsy bitsy indulgences {Favorite sprout sandwich at Urth Cafe Pasadena}

cacti, itsy bitsy indulgences {Picked up a few of these for our patio… excited to get it all put together for summer!}

This weekend’s workouts included a BBG legs challenge (they’re pretty much jell-o now) and two 4 mile runs. I’m hoping to be able to start training for another half marathon and those shorter distances inspired me! We also enjoyed these delicious sweet potato burgers and I whipped up a batch of dairy free chia seed pudding for this week!

I started my packing this weekend, since we leave on Wednesday for Hawaii and I hate leaving packing to the last minute (it only results in forgetting and overpacking… and yes,  I realize those two statements likely contradict themselves). I snagged this little white dress (also have it in olive) for one of the dressier nights out and can’t wait to pair it with my favorite gold accessories (and a tan… these ghost white legs need one). I also opted for this black and white suit, because the one I initially purchased somehow didn’t make it in the shipment and wasn’t available by the time I discovered the error. I’m loving the tie back details though! I’m also packing my favorite floral dress, these denim shorts (along with two other pairs…. #AlreadyOverpacking), this straw tote, and these cargo joggers for the flight home.

When we get home, I have a few baby showers to go to and I’m so excited to celebrate these beautiful women! I’m thinking about what I want to wear and have a few thoughts in mind. I love this orange floral skirt paired with this tie front top. Or, this geo print romper and olive drape front vest to layer over it. I’m also loving this striped romper and open crocheted cardigan. I’m not sure which route I will go, but I love that all the pieces are versatile enough to take me through summer and that they can be dressed up or dressed down!

I know I mentioned I was on the hunt for another pair of kicks… and I went a completely different direction and landed on these beauties! They come in three different colors and seriously feel as if I am walking on air. I loved the camel color too, but opted for the lighter one.

I’m also wanting a new pair of espadrilles and looking at this chambray pair, this wedged chambray pair, this camel and tassel pair, and these in both red and camel (also like the price point…).


  1. Looks like a nice weekend! Safe travels to Hawaii 🙂

    Edye | http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com